Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Solaris Express Developer Edition (2/07)

Well, it is finally available. I had mentionned before on SunQuebecthat the next release of Solaris Express would be interesting, and the reason is: the DVD now includes Sun Studio 11 and Netbeans 5.5. So it is now a complete environment.

It can be found here:

This build also includes firefox 2, star office 8, and Sun is trying to appeal to LAMP developers with SAMP (Solaris, Apache, MySQL et PHP). Sun Web Server 7 is available and Postgresql has been included for a while now, so it's not a huge addition, but it makes for a pretty complete distribution.

Currently it is only x86/x64, but you can get equivalent functionality under Sparc with Solaris Express Community Edition B55 and above. I have B56, but B57 is now available.

The next Community Edition to keep an eye out for will be B60. This will include bootable ZFS for x86/x64, and I would guess it might appear in Solaris Express 4/07 if I understand the revision cycle, altough I now read that Solaris Express will now be quarterly so that might be 5/07.


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