Friday, February 1, 2013

Illumos on RaspberryPi

Starting point

I have now dedicated two Raspberry Pi to work on some bare metal (C, assembler, no operating system) code. I'm hoping that publishing some of this work will help to start somekind of an effort to get the OpenSolaris ARM code out of the mothballs.


Obviously, long term will be to get the IllumOS kernel booting, but there is a lot of work between now and then.

On this blog

So, usually I post all the Raspberry Pi stuff on the Raspberry Pi Python Adventures blog, but I want to keep it mostly Python, with the occasional C code (swig etc). Since we are going bare metal, I think it'll be better if I track this stuff here.



Liberal Imperialist said...

I have a Raspberry Pi and several spare SD cards, so once you get to a booting state I'd be happy to help test things.

Damian Wojsław said...

I'd be greatly interested in booting illumos on my RPi. :)