Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Laptop (sxce or solex)

I never did post this, but last year i installed Solaris 11 express on my laptop (an older dell m4400 with 8 gb of ram and Intel quad core extreme), and missed the look and feel of SXDE (the most productive os out of the box from sun/oracle to this day) and SXCE. You can see the result. Hard to tell it is solaris 11 express (solex).


Formula1 said...

I'm really interested in solaris for the simple fact Java is supposed to be optimized on it

JSP should run faster

I'm worried though since its a server OS how it will effect my laptop

I'd appreciate some feedback on how viable it is as my local server for testing out websites and programming in general in java

francois said...

Like anything java, I would say it depends on your available memory. What kind of laptop do you use? I run sun studio, sun web server, netbeans, glassfish and oracle sql developper all at once on my laptop, good performance, but I do have 8 gig of ram...

Regarding Solaris, there are a few options. Solaris 11 express is the official "beta" version from Oracle. Next week will be the official Solaris 11 release.

But then, there is OpenIndiana. It is pretty similar to Solaris 11 express (both are build 151a) but OpenIndiana is based on the Illumos kernel, which is derived from OpenSolaris, with all the Sun/Oracle non open sourced bits replaced by open source equivalents. It appears to be a promising option for desktops / laptops. Works well on my Dell m4400.

Then there are other flavors of solaris based oses, like Belenix (light on ressources, uses the original opensolaris distribution and not yet illumos).

And there are others, I can go into those if you want. If you have a USB key, they pretty much all can be set up on a usb key so you can test them without burning any dvds and testing them as a live distribution, basically.

I probably should post a few blogs on these various flavors... In the interim, tell me more about your hardware, and I'll be able to be a bit more precise in my recommendations.

Unknown said...

How did you get Solaris 11 to look like the SXCE Java Desktop System?