Monday, October 3, 2011

Solaris Desktop on the move (ipad)

So as seen here in the picture, i'm still using solaris as my desktop. Big deal, right?

But this is on an Apple ipad 2. Using Oracle virtual desktop, served from a solaris 10 sun ray server, and to top it all off, from a vmware server. Oh yeah, and off verizon 3g or public wifi access points and VPN. What the Sun Microsystems sunray laptop could have been, plus relatively inexpensive

Since Apple will be making some announcements in a few hours (and who knows what will they announce- new ios or new iphone or just software ), I thought it might be a good time to mention this, for those that do not know about this solution. Granted, there are so many applications for the ipad / iphone and ipod, that it is easy to never see or hear about them.

Shortly, Solaris 11 fcs should be available, and SRS 5.2 will hopefully function properly on it, giving this a more modern desktop.

And now back to your regular programming... (no pun intended)

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